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Broken promises, dreams and regrets take its toll

„Orvar is a manager at a fish processing plant, living in comfort with his wife who is pregnant. Orvar has a younger brother that is overly protected by their mother, especially after their father perishes at sea."

Keys found outside a store

The final project of Rosa Vilhjalmsdottir and Gunnar Orn Blondal at The Film School is called "It´s her", and tells the story of Tryggvi, a simple boy who lives with his mother and is kind to all.

On the correct route in life

„My film is about a young woman struggling with her self image and learning about her place in life through dance,“ says Maria de Araceli Quintana when she is asked to describe her graduation project from The Film School.

A director in search of artistic truth

Arnfinnur Danielsson, who is now putting his final touches on his graduation film from The Film School, says that the piece is about a director in search of artistic truth, as he words it.

COVID worked with me on my final assignment

„My film is a documentary about when foals are taken in from the fields and we watch the first steps in the taming process. We take a look into the world of horse breeders and what expectations they have to the young horses. Recently there have been many changes made in the taming of horses and are the current methods examined,“ says Thury Bara Birgisdottir about her graduation project from The Film School.

The film year 2020

Despite multiple challenges faced this year, our students, both current and graduated, took part in some major projects, both here in Iceland and abroad, and here are just a few

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

The Reykjavik Summit finally filmed

Paramount Television Studios announces television series “Reagan & Gorbachev”