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The studies at the Icelandic Film School is an individually aimed, 2-year diploma program that opens the door to the ever growing world of the film industry. The program is entirely taught in English.

The program is in parts on-hands and practical and students work on a variety of individual projects as well as lending their strength to their fellow students. 

The Icelandic Film School offers the only internationally recognized filmmaking education in Iceland. The establishment has been a member of CILECT, an international coalition of the most prestigious film schools in the world, since 2011. 


The Icelandic Film School offers a 2-year practical education in four different departments, all taught fully in English.. By specializing immediately from the first semester, students can, from the start, build their skillset to grow and shine. Although each department offers specializations in the field of filmmaking, all students learn the general fundamentals of all filmmaking aspects and cooperate between departments. 

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Department 1: Directing & Producing

Learn to produce and direct films and TV programs. Direct your own films. 

During the course of the program, students produce a music video, commercials, an introduction film, documentary, four short films among others.

Department 2: Creative Technology

Cinematography, editing, sound and visual effects. All in one department. 

During this program, students work on an introduction film, documentary and three short films, all the while working on the technical aspects of their fellow students’ projects.

Department 3: Screenwriting & Directing

Achieve the skillset needed to write all the varying types of scripts and direct your own films. 

Through the course of the program, students work on an introduction film, documentary, three short films and write the screenplay for a TV series and a full length feature film.

Department 4: Acting

Acting for film. Take on the main role in your own films. 

Over the course of the program, students work on an introduction film, a theatrical play, a musical, two short films, while taking on varying roles in projects produced by their fellow students.

Always Open for Admissions

The Icelandic Film School accepts applications all year around and students can therefore begin their studies in either spring or fall. 

Film Program in Iceland

The program is for most part practical and Iceland provides the ideal creative setting and atmosphere at this safe and brilliant location.

All students delve into and study the fundamentals of filmmaking, regardless of their chosen department. With this, we guarantee that graduates are fully prepared to embrace all the opportunities presented to them in the film industry. 

Close Industry Connections

Our instructors and teachers are all working professionals in the industry. The Icelandic Film School is working closely in association with some of the most prominent production companies in Iceland to offer students internship training and employment.

Former Students

Ólöf Birna Torfadóttir - Department 3

"I had worked as a make up artist in various student films for the Icelandic Film School and every student praised the school. I had been contemplating for long to write my own stories, until I came across an advertisement about the film school on Facebook and I applied without delay. For me, these studies was of utmost importance and gave me all the tools I needed to write good stories and tread my path to making films.

What pleasantly surprised me was the collection of teachers who all were versed and fresh in the industry and thus capable of enlightening students on how exactly the ever changing, growing and evolving industry is. What also amazed me was how much I learnt in every aspect of film making. I was in the Screenwriting and Directing department but I also learnt to edit and produce myself which has helped a great deal for working independently on my own short films and later my own feature film.

After graduating, I established a small company of film makers called MyrkvaMyndir and together we made two short films and later produced another for a student in the London Film School. This company evolved and became a full fledged production company in 2019 and it produced its first feature film, which I wrote and directed and released in cinema in 2021. Now we have embarked on another production for a movie called Top 10 Must which is a thrilling, full feature comedy. We plan to start shooting in Fall 2022."

- Ólöf Birna Torfadóttir, graduated 2016

Screenwriter and Director - Hvernig á að vera klassa drusla

Óttar Ingi Þorbergsson - Department 2

"I have for long dabbled in the production of various videos and short films. I took a course in short film production in elementary school and was a member in a video committee in college so when I saw the opportunity to apply for the Icelandic Film School, I jumped on that boat and don't regret that.

The program was brilliant and I learnt a lot from the very first semester. For me, the best thing about it was that this was a platform and environment for me to be creative and to learn new things every day. This was a place where I had access to equipment, great teachers who were deeply integrated in the industry and fellow students that I still work with to this day.

Since my graduation, I have been building my career as a cinematographer in the movie and commercial industry in Iceland. I have shot music videos for musicians such as Aron Can and Emmsjé Gauti. I just put the finishing touches on a short film I produced with director Fannar Birgisson and more projects are in the pipeline including a full length feature film."

- Óttar Ingi Þorbergsson, graduated 2018

Vivian Ólafsdóttir - Department 4

"My years at The Film School were both precious and good to me. I developed a lot as a person and artist, met a lot of good and very talented people, both students and teachers. I also met my husband at The Film School, so I care deeply about the school and my years there. I was interested in acting but also in filmmaking and that's why I chose The Film School. I graduated from the Acting Department in 2012 and have acted in all kinds of commercials, shorts, music videos, and movies since then. I also wrote and staged a musical with the youth department of Mosfellsbaer in 2013 where we mixed in filmmaking. I have also directed and edited a music video, but I also really enjoy being behind the camera and directing. Drama is useful in everything, I personally think it should be taught in schools, e.g. last year in high school, what a gift into the future! Knowing how to break out of your own box, not be too self-aware and be able to express yourself (to name a few) are very good and really important tools to have in life. Acting is physical and mental and many exercises from school have become a daily part of my life and I am very grateful for that, because these are exercises that provide more well being and they just might prolong life. I use acting every day even though I do not "play". Today I am in Heilsumeistaraskolinn and look forward to working with health and acting, it fits very well together and there are many possibilities in that. Studying at The Film School is a gift I gave myself and it has paid off many times over. I've wanted to sign him up again and try another depertment, but I'm in a good place for now. I wholeheartedly recommend The Film School. "

- Vivian Ólafsdóttir

Actress - Cop Secret (Icelandic Film Award nomination) | Vitjanir | Svörtu sandar

Sigurður Pétur - Department 2

"I always liked to film and edit and I didn't know what to do after college so I thought why not apply for the film school?

What surprised me the most was the group of both amazing students and instructors that welcomed me. I was introduced to a plethora of great collaborators and friends and I built a valuable network. After graduating, I worked at the digital advertisement company KIWI for a year and a half but quit in January 2022 to start working independently. Now I focus on outdoor filming and I am loving it! Who knows what the future holds."

- Sigurður Pétur

Teitur Magnússon - Department 3

"My dream to be a part of the film industry was a part of me since I was 6-7 years old but had been in hibernation during my teen years. In in the end of 2014, I got my first smartphone and promptly started using it to film my co workers in a warehouse I was working at. During one lunch break, I was persuaded to apply to the Icelandic Film School which I did.

The studies was very interesting, despite the short duration, I believe that I attained everything from the school I could possibly acquire in those 2 years. The final semester was the ultimate experience for me. There I felt I got the right time and support from industry professionals to achieve my goal. The one aspect that surprised me the most was the extensive network you gain throughout the program, I still work to this day with many of the people I got to know during my studies.

After graduating, I made two short films but soon after started writing a screenplay for a full length feature and also wrote some scripts for practice. This process soon after lead to my first feature, UGLUR, which I wrote, produced and directed. The film was screened at various film festivals and is now being screened at Bíó Paradís in Iceland. I am working on getting another feature film into production. I began writing the screenplay for it in 2018. I am also co-writing a TV series."

- Teitur Magnússon

Screenwriter, Director and Producer - Uglur

Hjördís Rósa Ernisdóttir - Department 1

,,Those 2 short years in the Icelandic Film School, I was introduced to a lot of great people, both students and teachers. They gave me inspiration to tell stories in an artistic way in film making.

I graduated last year and since then I have had numerous opportunities to work in both local and international projects."

- Hjördís Rósa Ernisdóttir, graduated 2021

Anna Hafþórsdóttir - Department 4

"My years at The Film School were wonderful. The first thing that comes to mind is how much I enjoyed it and that I met a lot of fun people. Within the walls of the school, I got to try my hand as an artist, go beyond the comfort zone and broaden my horizons. It was sometimes difficult and straining, because the study is demanding, but I thought it was all worth it because what I got out of it is really indescribable. There is little more rewarding than pursuing your dream and learning more and understanding more in the field that you are passionate about. Almost all of the assignments I first got after graduation were through relationships I formed within the school. Then you just keep going, meet more people in the movie business and try to push yourself. This is quite challenging. I always use the acting techniques I learned in the school. I learned to create a "toolbox" that helps me prepare for a role. All the acting techniques and preparations are something I took with me from my studies and have been using and testing myself with in everything I do. I recommend the Acting program at The Film School. I got a lot out of this study, both as an artist and as an individual. Of course, this department focuses more on film acting, so the emphasis is that way. But I found the teaching exemplary and the study challenging and really quite entertaining."

- Anna Hafþórsdóttir

Actress - Webcam | Snjór og Salóme

Matthías Hálfdánarson - Department 2

"I graduated from Creative Technology in spring 2010 and have been working in film making ever since. Those two years in the Icelandic Film School gave me a lot and were both fun and awarding. The school is a perfect environment to experiment under the guidance of professionals from the industry. You quickly achieve a fundamental knowledge in most areas of film making, such as sound recording and mixing, cinematography, lighting, editing, production and much more. The program gave me an extensive skillset and network, which I consider necessary to cross the threshold into the industry.

I wholeheartedly recommend this education for all those who dream of working in film making in the future."

- Matthías Hálfdánarson

Kristján Pétur Jónsson - Department 1

"I have been versed in film making since I remember myself and have long dreamt of entering a film making educational program, thus the Icelandic Film School became my choice. The studies was demanding but I was there accompanied by enjoyable fellow students and teachers. I was surprised and happy about how much of the program was hands on. Since I graduated, I got a job as a graphic designer and editor with a news channel and in my free time I have enjoyed working freelance in various projects. Thanks to the skills I acquired in the Icelandic Film School, the film industry seems to be more in reach than before."

- Kristján Pétur Jónsson, graduated 2021

Graphic Designer - Channel 2


Þórður K. Pálsson - Department 1

“The two years I studied at The Icelandic Film were fantastic. This is where I first realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life”

- Þórður K. Pálsson
Director - Valhalla Murders (Netflix)

Sigfús Heiðar Guðmundsson - Department 1

"My desire to create and not go down the more "traditional path" in life was what drew me to the Icelandic Film School. For me, the program was great, but you get out of it as much as you are ready to put into it. You need to be all in both during the program and after graduating. Since graduating, I have worked on quite a plethora of projects, instruction videos, commercials, live stream productions and much more. The last projects have mostly been on international sets, both for films, series and production for a video game contest."

- Sigfús Heiðar Guðmundsson, graduated 2019

Hjálmar Þór Hjálmarsson - Department 2

"I applied to the Icelandic Film School due to my desire to acquire more skills and develop more connections to the film industry. The courses offered a diverse, enjoyable and hands on experience and helped me to prepare for what was to come.

Today I work mostly as an Assistant Cameraman and am working mainly in international productions such as Dr. Strange, Aquaman, Transformers, The Flight Attendant to name a few."

- Hjálmar Þór Hjálmarsson, graduated 2018
Assistant Cameraman

Atli Þór Einarsson - Department 1

“Professionals from all directions make sure you constantly broaden your horizon and learn new things with each project”

- Atli Þór Einarsson

Film maker

Arnar Dór - Department 2

"What got me to apply to the Icelandic Film School was my past interest in making videos ever since I remember myself. The Icelandic Film School was always in my mind after elementary school and after graduating from college. I had for a long time, wanted to be a cinematographer so I decided to seize the opportunity immediately after graduating from college.

The study was very enjoyable and diverse. There were a lot of technical and practical courses where you have the opportunity to test yourself. What was most pleasant to me was how many amazing and talented people I got to meet. One of the best things about the Icelandic Film School to me is the connection and collaboration between students. I still to this day, work with people I met in the school.

After graduating from the film school in June 2020, I was offered a job at the production company Skjáskot, I accepted this offer and work there to this day. I have worked on various commercials, live streams and TV series since I graduated."

- Arnar Dór, graduated 2020

Nína Petersen - Department 3

"I have always been interested in film making and creative work. I found no courses in University that sparked my interest the same way as the Icelandic Film School did so I decided to risk applying for something I did not fully know. I was immensely excited for the studies so it quickly diminished all doubts that I had chosen the right path for me.

When I applied for Screenwriting and Directing, I had never before seen or read a script before. I promptly grasped the format and learnt how to write in a creative way, with the aid from teachers who all were exceptionally brilliant at conveying their experience and knowledge from the industry. I got to know other, fellow students and attained good friends that I learnt a lot from.

The 2 years in school passed by fast and every day was an exciting joy no matter the project I faced. I had freedom to develop and use my creativity to take on the various projects and learnt to work independently with confidence and this was a great preparation for the coming years in the film industry. Shortly after graduating, I started working in the office of the Icelandic production company, Pegasus. There, I attained a skillset in production and development, but most importantly, I continued to add to my experience in screenwriting and developing of material for cinema and TV.

From 2019, I have worked independently as a screenwriter and since then I have gotten opportunities to work on various interesting projects. I wrote the screenplay for Cop Secret, along with Hannes Þór and Sveppi, which was premiered in cinema in 2021 and was nominated for the Edda awards, including for best screenplay. I am currently working on developing and writing screenplays for a film and series."

- Nína Petersen

Screenwriter - Cop Secret (Icelandic Film Awards nomination)

Snævar Sölvi Sölvason - Department 3

“My years in The Icelandic Film School were excellent. I got to know how vastly experienced screenwriters and directors at the school approached their business and I immediately adopted the methods that I knew would improve me as a filmmaker. I also was acquainted to other students who dreamt of a future in film making who were all ready and willing to join me on my quest to make my first feature film, Albatross that premiered in cinema some years ago. The people that accompanied me in this film making was mostly my fellow students from the film school.

After graduation, I have written screenplays, including one that was given a grant from the Icelandic Film Center and the process to finance this next film has begun.

Between my screenwriting, I have worked on various film sets to afford the rent, including the filming of Þrestir by Rúnar Rúnarsson and Ég Man Þig by Óskar Axels."

- Snævar Sölvi Sölvason

Screenwriter and Director - Albatross | From Iceland to Eden

Ylfa Marín Haraldsdóttir - Department 4

"I always wanted to study in a creative environment but never knew exactly what I was looking for. When I saw the Icelandic Film School advertised, I learnt that film making unites all my interests together. I saw an opportunities in these studies and it was certainly going to prove true. What pleasantly surprised me the most about the studies is how much I learnt about myself as an artist. The studies gave me an opportunity to experiment and try new things to expand the horizon, some worked for me, other things not so well and it is invaluable to be able to learn from your mistakes in the safe environment in the school.

I have been acting and working in the film industry since I graduated, I had the leading role for instance in the movie Hvernig á að vera klassadrusla. I have also taken on exciting projects behind the camera like costume management, production, worked on voice acting among many other things. I am now fortunate enough to have my first try at working with a team writing a screenplay for a new series."

- Ylfa Marín Haraldsdóttir, graduated 2018

Actress - Hvernig á að vera klassa drusla

Þorsteinn Sturla Gunnarsson - Department 3

"I applied for the Icelandic Film School because I wanted to educate myself in the industry and at the same time connect with the industry in Iceland and the Icelandic Film School was the idyllic place to do both. The studies were both demanding and enjoyable and I got an opportunity to challenge myself in projects that formed my voice as a director and screenwriter. Along my own projects, I also got the chance to help out fellow students with their scripts and to shape their vision, which was an incredibly valuable and enjoyable education. The peak of the studies was without doubt the people I met, both students and instructors, all of which are first class talent and I hope to work with most of them in the future. Since graduation, I have been working on a script for a full length feature, as well as writing a script for a TV series with a very good group of people, a task I received through my network built during my time in the film school."

- Þorsteinn Sturla Gunnarsson, graduated 2021

Bolli Már Bjarnason - Department 4

"I was interested in learning acting for film. I heard about the Icelandic Film School from a friend and decided to apply. I plunged quite blindly into it. The environment was pretty ambitious., the teachers were great and the courses demanding but enjoyable. The collaboration courses between departments was for me a key for the projects in the future. I have been working for the advertisement company Pipar/TBWA, acted in series and commercials, along with producing my own TV material myself. I am now working independently in various projects and many interesting things are on the drawing table."

- Bolli Már Bjarnason, graduated 2015
Actor and film maker

Hekla Sólveig Gísladóttir - Department 4

"I decided to apply when I stumbled on a link to the school's website and I realized it was an exciting and brilliant school. What surprised me the most was how much I learnt aspects in every area of film making. I can maneuver in the industry in all kinds of areas on film sets and in post production as we learnt the fundamentals in almost everything. After graduating, I have been attending auditions and taken on smaller projects and added a course in sound in the Film School to add to my skillset."

- Hekla Sólveig Gísladóttir, graduated 2020

Hildur Sigurðardóttir - Department 4

"I wanted to enter acting studies with a focus on films and also film making studies in general where my interest has always been. I introduced myself to the studies in the Icelandic Film School and it fitted me perfectly. I had been searching for a long time for a school that taught acting with the focus on acting for films and TV and the Icelandic Film School is the only such educational establishment that fits this goal.

The studies was brilliant in all sense. I was introduced to some great people, a lot of which I consider my best friends today and I also built an extensive network that is valuable to me now for the industry. I liked how I was introduced to all branches of acting, we touched on a number of acting techniques, learnt how to act in front of a camera and also on stage. How we can use our voice as a tool in various ways, both in spoken language and also in song. I was surprised how much I learnt about myself and learnt how to become more independent, both during the studies and generally in life. Not only did I learn to use techniques for acting, but I learnt about all the aspects and areas of film making and those skills I find a lot of value in.

I started working in the film school after graduating, which was a valuable experience for me, I got a chance to get to know the instructors from other departments which gave me further access into the industry. I wanted to broaden the horizon so I moved to Berlin to extend my acting studies. I am now finishing my first year and I can feel how my education from the Icelandic Film School has proven its worth and I would not be where I am today if I hadn't applied."

- Hildur Sigurðardóttir, graduated 2020

A Hidden Gem in the world of film school.

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If you promise us complete dedication in your studies, we promise you skills that are a lifetime investment.

We offer you small class sizes, a maximum of 12 students per class, courses taught by working professionals, and practical learning at every step.

We are a competitively priced film school; the tuition includes access to the equipment you need to film and access to computer labs to finalize your projects.

Are you the right kind of student for the IFS? Check out; RKV campus, tuition, and then take a deep dive into the department that speaks to you. D1 for the creative force, D2 for the practical artist, D3 for the authors, D4 for the Performers.


All teachers and instructors work in the industry and have years and decades of experience. They unite in the Icelandic Film School to convey their knowledge to students. 

An education in filmmaking unlocks dozens of job opportunities after graduation. A real, coveted and in-demand education for the production of films and TV series. The options are inexhaustible after graduation, regardless of the chosen department. 

The Icelandic Film School is in official collaboration with various associates and production companies in the industry including RÚV,  the main TV channel in Iceland and production offices like True North, Zik Zak and Hero Productions. More companies offer internships for new graduates.

Campus Reykjavík

The Nordic island nation, Iceland, is defined by its dramatic volcanic landscape of geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, and black-sand beaches. The capital, Reykjavik, home to the majority of the population, runs on geothermal power and offers a renowned nightlife scene as well as a rich cultural life. The glaciers in the Vatnajökull and Snæfellsnes national parks are popular for ice climbing, hiking, and snowmobiling.

Dean's graduation speech - Spring 2024

Saturday June 29th, students from our International department graduated and our Dean gave this speech

IFS Graduation Spring 2024

A wonderful group of future filmmakers graduated today from our international department

We Make Movies

We are proud to present some of the finest works by our students done during their studies. Going to the movies should be a memorable experience.
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Why IFS?

IFS has developed a special two-year program ensuring that each student acquires a firm professional grounding at the end of his or her studies. Most students arrive at the school as beginners but graduate as professionals, ready to assume their duties in the field of filmmaking or specialize further in their continuing studies.

IFS is a member of Cilect, the international organization of leading film schools in the world.

Life after IFS

Students have a vast array of options having completed their studies: Further specialization, jobs in the film- and television industry, or even running their own companies. Their education can also be put to use as supplementary knowledge in other fields, even in different areas.

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