Now is the time to do something extraordinary with your life!

Open for application fall 2021 and spring 2022

Why This Film School?

Now is the time to do something extraordinary with your life

Join us and get a life changing education; excellent preparation to start a career in film or further specialization in other film schools.

We offer a two-year diploma of 120 ECTS units, four different programs taught fully in English. 

Limited intake classes, international classrooms with caring and constructive environment! 

We believe that the best way of teaching filmmaking is with a hands on, learn by doing, approach with close connections to the industry. That is what we stand for. 

Take our test now, and let us guide you to your tailor-suited department. 

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The Icelandic Film School

Established 1992

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Welcome to The Icelandic Film School

Directing & Producing

This diploma offers a diverse, challenging curriculum in directing and producing for film, television and other media. During two years of study you'll explore the main roles and functions of both professions through a number of practical exercises, including short films, commercials, music videos, documentaries and various television formats.

Creative Technology

Cinematography, editing, sound editing, and visual effects (vfx) form the technical fundamentals of all filmmaking. During this 120-credit diploma study (two years), students acquire professional skills in these four disciplines. A unique education, practical, valuable, and highly sought-after training in the rapidly growing film and television industry.

Screenwriting & Directing

This is a versatile and creative course of study in the fields of writing and directing for the screen. You'll learn various methods for developing your ideas and writing scripts for feature films, shorts, television, and other visual media.


You will learn the basic techniques and methods of acting for stage and screen. We encourage our students to explore their individual creativity and place special attention on dance, physical expression and singing.
The foundation for either an acting career in film, television or on the stage.

Always Open for Admissions

We accept applications at all times, all year round.

Film Program in Iceland

The program is for most part practical and Iceland provides the ideal creative setting and atmosphere at this safe and brilliant location.

Close Industry Connections

All teachers and instructors at IFS are active professionals in the industry. IFS is also in formal collaboration with production companies and TV stations that offer internships after graduation.

Campus Reykjavík

The Nordic island nation, Iceland, is defined by its dramatic volcanic landscape of geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, and black-sand beaches. The capital, Reykjavik, home to the majority of the population, runs on geothermal power and offers a renowned nightlife scene as well as a rich cultural life. The glaciers in the Vatnajökull and Snæfellsnes national parks are popular for ice climbing, hiking, and snowmobiling.

"Eftirleikir", an exciting project in the works

It is always a pleasure to get to follow our former students take on varied challenges and one of them in production now is "Eftirleikir", written, produced and directed by Olafur Einar Olafarson graduated from Screen writing and Directing and prize winner of "Bjarkinn" for the best graduation film, and acted in and produced by Andri Freyr Sigurpalsson graduated from Acting.

Graduation week spring semester 2021 - PHOTOS

After an amazing week, where everyone pitched in, we have now graduated 19 filmmakers from our departments. Here you can enjoy photos taking during the week and we wish our graduates all the best for a bright future.

The Dean's Commencement Address

The Icelandic Film Schools Dean, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, gave a commencement address for our graduating students on Saturday the 12th of June

We Make Movies

We are proud to present some of the finest works by our students done during their studies. Going to the movies should be a memorable experience.
We invite you to see some of these works.

Why IFS?

IFS has developed a special two-year program ensuring that each student acquires a firm professional grounding at the end of his or her studies. Most students arrive at the school as beginners but graduate as professionals, ready to assume their duties in the field of filmmaking or specialize further in their continuing studies.

IFS is a member of Cilect, the international organization of leading film schools in the world.

Life after IFS

Students have a vast array of options having completed their studies: Further specialization, jobs in the film- and television industry, or even running their own companies. Their education can also be put to use as supplementary knowledge in other fields, even in different areas.

Open for Application

Join us for an extraordinary adventure and experience in the study of the craft and art of film and the wonders of cinema.

We accept applications at all times!

All year round.