Students' Association

Kinema - The Students' Association

Kinema is the students' association of The Icelandic Film School. The association organizes numerous events, including regular gatherings where students from different departments have the opportunity to become better acquainted. The board of Kinema consists of students from each semester and work to enhance the collaboration and sharing of ideas between students.

Members of the board of Kínema

Birta Karadóttir
2nd semester Directing and Producing
Thorsteinn Sturla Gunnarsson
4th semester Screenwriting and Directing
Vice chairman and representative for new students
Elin Palsdottir
4th semester Screenwriting and Directing
Charities and sponsor connections
Hulda Kristin Kolbrunardottir
4th semester Acting
Halfdan Hordur Palsson
4th semester Screenwriting and Directing
Graphic Designer
Ingibjorg Jenny Johannesdottir
4th semester Producing and Directing
Photographer and social media
Vigfus Olafsson
3rd semester Producing and Directing
Regular events