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The art of acting with Thorsteinn Bachmann

Thorsteinn Bachmann is not only an incredibly versatile actor that has tackled various roles, both the human and animal kind, but also a highly valued teacher for numerous years that has led a new generation of actors towards their dreams.

Organized procedures towards University certificate

Work is being done by a stringent plan at The Icelandic Film School as we move towards a University certification. Yesterday we held a meeting regarding the titled positions within the academic personnel, and in attendance were the employees that have put themselves forward for the first four titled positions; that is of lecturers, docents and professors at the school.

Iceland’s entry to this years Eurovision has been revealed

Iceland’s entry to Eurovision this year has premiered and among the stellar folks that had a part in making the video for Dadi Freyr and Gagnamagnid, are quite a few students of The Icelandic Film School

New hires at The Icelandic Film School

Two new positions within The Icelandic Film School have now been filled. Hlin Johannesdottir has been recruited as managing director where the main focus will be on employee- and financial management. And Anna Thorhallsdottir has been charged with leading the school's quality council.

The Edda, the Icelandic film and TV awards

Nominations for the Edda awards have been announced and among the chosen are many of our students

The Icelandic Film School's website has been nominated for an award

Each year the Icelandic web industry celebrates a job well done and awards those that have excelled in that category.

The Film School opens its doors for Chinese students

The Icelandic Film School is now open to Chinese students of film making as a compelling option, with an agreement that The Icelandic Film School and Study Iceland, Iceland Academy Inc. signed today.

My favorite project is the last one and the dream project the next one

Natan Jonsson graduated from Directing and Producing in 2012 and has taken on many exciting projects since. His short film “Bars” is accessible on Youtube now and he will be filming his first feature length film this summer.

A new student council at The Film School

A new student council for the spring semester of 2021 has been chosen for Kinema, the student association of The Icelandic Film School