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Graduation Spring 2022 - Drómi Ómar Hauksson, Directing and Producing

Drómi Ómar will be graduating from Directing and Producing on June 4th with his film “My little sanctuary”

Graduation Spring 2022 - Gunnar Freyr Ragnarsson, Creative Technology

Gunnar Freyr will be graduating from Creative Technology on June 4th with his film "One step at a time"

Graduation Spring 2022 - Halldór Frank Hafsteinsson, Screenwriting and Directing

Halldór Frank will be graduating from Screenwriting and Directing on Saturday June 4th with his film "Feelblock"

Graduation Spring 2022 - Erna Ísabella Bragadóttir, Directing and Producing

Erna Ísabella will be graduating on June 4th from Directing and Producing with her film “Daughter”

The Film School updates and improves all computer and internal systems

The update will be an incredible improvement on all fronts and will be fully functional before next semester

The Eddan 2022

As so many times before, students of The Icelandic Film School are among the nominated for the Icelandic Film and Television awards

CILECT, the international association of film schools, releases a statement in regards to the Ukraine

The Icelandic Film School is a proud member of CILECT, an association of the best film schools in the world, that recently published this statement

Course Catalogue of The Icelandic Film School 2021-2022

The 12th edition of the syllabus, since the current four department system was established in 2007, has now been published with changes and upgrades.

The Icelandic Film School begins collaborating with Julliard

Julliard contacted The Film School looking for student collaboration in regards to film soundtrack