Staff Members

Hlin Johannesdottir


Hlín graduated from The University of Iceland with a degree in Anthropology and Media studies. She has worked in filmmaking since the year 2000, as a self employed producer, production manager, producer at Zik Zak Filmworks, but they have received over a 100 international awards for their projects, including an Oscar nomination. As a producer Hlin has worked with many of Iceland's major directors in producing feature films and documentaries. She has also worked as an author for magazines and online news media. She founded the film company Vintage Pictures with Birgitta Jonsdottir and owns the company Culture camp; Art Production House Ursus Parvus with Vilborg Einarsdottir. Hlin has produced films like "Svanurinn", "Bokeh" and "This is Sanlitum" to name just a few.

Anna Þórhallsdóttir

Chair of the school´s Quality council

Hrafnkell Stefánsson

Head of Studies

Hrafnkell has worked as a screenwriter and director since 2008. He has written many scripts for short movies and many others in development. He was nominated for the Edda awards for “Polite People” and among his movies are “City State” and “City State 2: Brave Men’s Blood” that have received many nominations.

Inga Rut Sigurðardóttir

Academic Counseling

Kolfinna Von Arnardóttir

International Relations

Oddný Sen

Board Member

Oddný is a writer and film historian, educated from the Université de Paris VIII - Vincennes in Saint-Denis, Paris. Oddný is among the most experienced film history teacher in Iceland and has taught the topic on all study levels. She is an entrepreneur in film history education for children in collaboration with Bíó Paradís (Cinema Paradise) and has worked in that field since 2010. She has also held panel discussions about film making and silent movie festivals.

Oddný is additionally an active writer and has published popular biographies and interview books.

She is an important representative on the board due to teaching based factors.

Ágústa M. Jóhannsdóttir

Head of Core

Production, post production and teacher

Ólöf Ása Böðvarsdóttir

Secretary/Accountant/Office Manager

Sigurður Traustason

Reception administrator

Jón Camson Sigurðsson

Technical Administrator and operations manager

Gunnar Örn Blöndal

Employee in equipment rental

Logi Sigursveinsson

Employee in equipment rental

Erna Lilliendahl

Web media management

Hilmar Oddsson

Head of directing

Hilmar is well known in the Icelandic film industry. He has taught filmmaking and acting for films for over two decades in The Iceland University of Arts and at The Icelandic Film School, where he served as Dean for seven years (2010 to 2017). Hilmar originally studied filmmaking at Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film í München in Germany. He premiered his first film in 1986 and has since been many times nominated for his work and won awards.  Since he premiered his first movie, Hilmar has made five feature films, five television movies and five short films. During his film career he has made several documentaries and more than one hundred TV shows. And let us not forget the well over twenty five music videos. With all of this on his resume, he also has experience in directing sitcoms, commercials and educational material. 

We do recommend you put Hilmar Oddsson's movies “Tears of Stone” and “Cold Light” on your must watch list!

Davíð Alexander Corno

Head of editing

Davíð is one of our local industry´s favourite film editors. Although his field of speciality is editing, he also has experience working as a director, DOP as well as having served many other roles on set. By working with different responsibilities in film projects he has adapted a deep understanding of filmmaking. With great technical and art skills along with a creative mindset, he quickly became a sought after professional and joined a series of nominated and award-winning projects in his decade of working in the film industry. He is currently working on exciting projects along with teaching. For the last seven years he has edited his own documentary series. He is also editing the documentary “3. póllinn” directed by the former presidential candidate and the best selling author Andri Snær Magnason. If you want to see some of Davíð´s masterpiece projects we recommend you watch “Sumarbörn”, “Undir Halastjörnu” and let's not forget “Kona fer í stríð”.

Tómas Örn Tómasson IKS

Head of cinematography

Tómas has been in the film industry since he was a student in high school. After graduation he enrolled in the University of Iceland and later in Köbenhavn Universitet, where he studied history. Along with his studies he took all the work he could get his hands on in cinematography. Tómas wanted to make documentaries, where he would write, shoot and direct his own films. When he came back home from his studies in the summer of 1996, he received many offers to participate in exciting film projects. It was in 2002 where he decided to dedicate all his time to cinematography. With experience in both local and international productions, he has built an intriguing resume with a long list of feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and video art. On his website you can find his work experience summary and links to his main projects he has shot.

Kjartan Kjartansson

Head of sound

Kjartan is one of our most experienced sound recorders. After studying sound in Iceland, he went to Denmark and graduated as a Tone Master from The Danish Film School. With vast experience and specific attention to detail, Kjartan adds a remarkable world of sounds to his film projects. Kjartan has taught in The Icelandic University of Arts and The Icelandic Film School and has held lectures in The University of Iceland and The University of Reykjavík covering his field of speciality. In his career he has worked with both local and international projects, many of whom have been very successful.  Kjartan has recorded sound for many of Icelanders film favourites such as “Sódóma Reykjavík”, “Myrkrahöfðinginn” and “Englar Alheimsins” to name a few.

Rob Tasker

Head of VFX

Rob has worked on feature films, television shows, and commercials a little over a decade and has built a great portfolio of projects in his field in filmmaking. With over 40 credits to his name, Rob has received a few nominations for his work, such as a Primetime Emmy Awards Nomination for the television show ‘Hannibal‘, and two Canadian Screen Award nominations for the feature film ‘Wet Bum‘, and for the television show ‘Copper‘ to mention a few. He has worked on productions for a variety of clients including SagaFilm, Universal Pictures, NBC, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, Sony Pictures, SyFy, as well as others.

Heiðar Sumarliðason

Head of types of screenplays

Heiðar Sumarliðason has an BA hons degree from Iceland University of the Arts in theatre and performance making, MA in creative writing from the University of Iceland and in directing from East15 in London. He is currently also getting a teacher license at Iceland University of the Arts. Heiðar has written stage works and screenplays that have been shown in theatres such as the National Theatre of Iceland, The City Theatre of Reykjavík and performed on National Broadcasting stations, as well as filmplay. Heiðar has directed 10 plays in professional theatre. He has his own podcast show and is also a film critic for Vísir news media. Among his main works is "90(210) Garðabær", "Rautt brennur and "Svín" radio play. Heiðar has also directed many plays like "Segðu mér satt" written by Hávar Sigurjónsson, "Glerdýrin" written by Tennessee Williams, "Pizzasendillinn" written by Elísabetu Jökulsdóttur, among his own work, to name a few.

Rúnar Guðbrandsson

Head of acting

Rúnar studied acting in Denmark and worked there for a few years as an actor with various theatre groups. He went to Polland and Russia for further education. Rúnar got his MA in theatre studies and directing from De Montfort University in England and has finished the first part of a doctorate in theatre studies. He was the first professor in Dramatic Interpretation at Iceland University of the Arts. Rúnar has written and directed many theatre productions, both here in Iceland and abroad and taught acting and coached actors around Europe. He has as well acted in many films and TV shows.

Þórey Sigþórsdóttir

Head of acting and voice

Þórey has worked as an actress and director in theatre and films since she graduated from Icelands University of the Arts in 1991. Þórey received her teaching license from Icelands University of the Arts in 2004, MA degree in Advanced Theatre Practice from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama 2012 and an MA degree in Practical Cultural Communication from the University in Iceland in 2014. Þórey has for many years taught voice acting at Icelands University of the Arts and various courses for actors and people working with their voice. She has a license to teach the voice training method of Nadine George from The Voice Studio International in London and bases her teaching on NGT method. Þórey is one of the founders and creative director of the theatre group "Fljúgandi Fiskar" who have produced a few shows, "Hótel Hekla" written by nton Helga Jónsson og Lindu Vilhjálmsdóttur, Multi-Media written by Evrípídes to name a few. Þórey directed the play "Andaðu" written by Duncan Macmillan which was premiered in Iðnó in 2017. Þórey has taught voice at The Icelandic Film School since 2016.

Þórunn Erna Clausen

Head of Acting / Singing teacher

Þórunn has been acting since 2001. She has acted on stage for both the Icelandic National Theatre and Borgarleikhúsið. Þórunn has traveled around the world both with theatre productions and by singing. She founded Vocal Art, a singing course where she teaches complete vocal technique. Þórunn is a certified singing coach from the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. She is also a songwriter, has written numerous songs that have competed in the Television Singing Contest and also two songs that have been Iceland's contribution in Eurovision. Þórunn was nominated for the Gríma awards for her role in “Dýrlingagengið” and the Edda awards for her role in the movie “Dís” and the series “Reykjavíkurnætur”

Þórunn will teach these courses in the fall semester 2023:

Acting and voice 1 - Singing LEI105G

Acting and voice 2 - Singing LEI206G

Acting and voice 3 - Singing | LEI307G