School Administration

Böðvar Bjarki Pétursson


Böðvar Bjarki is the founder of the Icelandic Film School and has been the chairman from the beginning. He has specialized in building up institutions that offer the government services but also has an extensive experience in film making. He was the manager of the National Film Archive of Iceland from 1993 to 2000 and laid the foundation for its development. He was also an active film producer from 1992 to 2005.


Böðvar was the publisher and editor he film magazine Kvikmyndir (Films) in '92 and '93 and the magazine Land og synir in '95 to '98, when he was the chairman of the Association of Film Makers.

Böðvar Bjarki is a graduated agronomist from the Farming school of Hólar, an electrician from the Technical School in Reykjavík, student from Fjölbrautaskólinn in Breiðholt and studied history in the University of Iceland.

Böðvar Bjarki is the main guarantor of the school.

Arnbjörg Sveinsdóttir

Board Member

Arnbjörg has been a board member of the Icelandic Film School since 2012. She was in parliament from 1995 to 2009 and was a strong advocate for art and culture. She has also been a dedicated entrepreneur for the development of art culture in her hometown of Seyðisfjörður.

Arnbjörg has a vast experience in administration in various institutions and companies. She is an important representative to retain an administrative structure and additionally she has an extensive knowledge on official administration.

Arnbjörg has an MBA degree from the University of Iceland.

Oddný Sen

Board Member

Oddný is a writer and film historian, educated from the Université de Paris VIII - Vincennes in Saint-Denis, Paris. Oddný is among the most experienced film history teacher in Iceland and has taught the topic on all study levels. She is an entrepreneur in film history education for children in collaboration with Bíó Paradís (Cinema Paradise) and has worked in that field since 2010. She has also held panel discussions about film making and silent movie festivals.

Oddný is additionally an active writer and has published popular biographies and interview books.

She is an important representative on the board due to teaching based factors.

Ingimundur Sigurpálsson

Board Member

Ingimundur has decades of experience in administration. He was the mayor of Garðabær, chairman of Eimskipafélag Íslands and the Post. But Ingimar also has a career as a teacher and a guitarist.

Ingimundur's role in the board is general observation with operations and financial control.

Ingimundur is an educated in business from the University of Iceland and the George Washington University in Washington DC.

Ingimundur hefur áratuga reynslu sem stjórnandi. Hann var bæjarstjóri í Garðabæ, forstjóri Eimskipafélags Íslands og Póstsins. En Ingimundur á sér einnig feril sem kennari og gítarleikari. Hlutverk Ingimundar í stjórn er eftirlit með rekstri og fjármálastýring. Ingimundur er menntaður viðskiptafræðingur frá Háskóla Íslands og George Washington-háskólanum í Washington DC.

Örn Pálmason

Board Member

Örn Pálmason has an extensive experience in managing construction and the administration of real estate as the founder and chairman of the contractor company Hjól Atvinnulífsins.

Örn's role is the surveillance and organization of the school's accommodation and the school's facilities.

Örn is an educated electrician from the Technical School in Reykjavík.