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Graduation winter 2021 - Thelma Lind Thorarinsdottir, Acting

Thelma Lind will be graduating from Acting on December 18th with her film "See you in the next one"

New Kinema council

Kinema, the students association, has voted in a new council

New board of the Film School

The Annual General Meeting of the Icelandic Film School was held in late summer and a new board of the school was elected.


Cop Secret breaks a record and brings in the big bucks

Is the premiere film of the Nordic Days at the Lübeck Film Festival

Kinema, the student association, celebrated Halloween last weekend

And it is safe to say that it was a great success and a wicked time was had by all

Reflecting on Impact and Revelation; CILECT 2021 Congress

The Icelandic Film School has an ambition and commitment to be an active part of the International film school network and strives to engage in relevant industry conversation. It is both valuable and important for IFS to have been a part of the CILECT community for years.

Nina and Vivian representing The Film School in "Cop Secret"

The film "Cop Secret" (Leyniloggan) was premiered at the Lucarno film festival recently and was lauded by critics. The Film School has two graduated students in the film team and they make us proud.


There was excitement in the air and the anticipation clear among the students of The Icelandic Film School when they turned up at the school this past Thursday morning the 19th of August to begin the fall semester of 2021.

"Eftirleikir", an exciting project in the works

It is always a pleasure to get to follow our former students take on varied challenges and one of them in production now is "Eftirleikir", written, produced and directed by Olafur Einar Olafarson graduated from Screen writing and Directing and prize winner of "Bjarkinn" for the best graduation film, and acted in and produced by Andri Freyr Sigurpalsson graduated from Acting.