What makes working for IFS news a real dream job?- Eysteinn Guðni Guðnasson is IFS news editor

Recently The Icelandic Film School presented a new Twitter-account under the title IFS news, aimed to distribute film news from all over the globe.

Eysteinn Guðni Guðnason has been engaged as an editor. We were interested in learning more about  IFS news.

It is in IFS interest to follow all developments in the film industry very closely. We are not only putting our money on Hollywood and Europe but the world on its whole. It is our goal to be always up to date and present our followers with the hottest news available.

According to Guðni IFS news is not only publishing news with inside IFS information but answer readers questions on things in different parts of the world, being the newest star in Korea or which film just won a film award in Brazil?

Of course most of our news come from the USA or India – the largest producers on the market, but smaller countries are also important to us.

Eysteinn Guðni is a 31 year old country boy, a son of a minister who moved to Reykjavík to study film-making. He graduated from IFS in 2005.

I´m proud to be in the group of the first graduates to study at IFS after it changed to a two year course and since then I have been working in different areas of the business. I have been working on restoration of old video material and later I worked for awhile for Icelandic Cinema Online. Now aside with my IFS news work I am also entrusted with youth work for the Baha’i community in Iceland and in my spare time I have been in charge Icelandic film material for the Icelandic film web www.kvikmyndir.is.

One could jump to the conclusion that Eysteinn Guðni has found his dream job.

I would say that it´s a real dream job if you have fun doing it. Everyone should of course try to change ones hobby to a career if possible. Should it be your passion for the environment, working with kids or making music.  Yes, films and the internet happen to be my main interests – but what really makes working for IFS news a real dream job is the fact that I get to share all these interesting new with others – watching others discover something new because I shared it is a shear pleasure. For that reason I would like to have as many followers on Twitter as possible…