The Student theater is showing the play “Media”

There is always a reason to celebrate when our former students undertake interesting projects and it is safe to say that the play “Media” falls under that category. Among the performers are students from the Acting department of The Film School;  Andri Freyr Sigurpálsson, Birgir Egilsson, Sara Rut Arnardóttir, Sigmar Ingi Sigurgeirsson and Sigurður Traustason.

Andri Freyr was available for us to learn a bit more about the project and its process

The play “Media” is a devised theater play. We started the process in November by taking on all kinds of material. We began working from the concept of “social media”and took a close look into all the available social media and apps and did both written projects and group projects where we created scenes from the information we gathered. As social media can be found in every aspect of life and in most all machines, we quickly began looking at the technology itself and the technological development, along with the biggest technological discoveries of humankind and wondered how it and social media will shape our futureWe did a lot of work by dividing into groups and taking on different tasks and performing original scenes, often only scripted from words and basic concepts. Slowly the project got headed into a certain direction where we were going and after a full month of creating and coordinating, it was time to piece it together into one script, which turned out to be very challenging. We got access to the old Herkastalinn and have been working very hard to transform it into a real theater by building a stage set in the auditorium

In an overview of the play it states ;

“In 1879 the first light bulb arrived, we had discovered electricity. The industrial revolution followed. In 1892 Henry Ford made the first automobile. In 1903 the first airplane took off. In 1959 we created artificial intelligence. In 1969 the internet was discovered. With added communication the era of technology began . In 1973 the first mobile phone was made and in 2007 we had the Iphone. In 2003 was created, in 2004 we had Facebook, 2010 it was Instagram and in 2012 Snapchat. In the year 2068 Media arrived.