The Rectors graduation speech, December 17th, 2022

Yesterday, 11 students graduated from The Film School, and on that occasion the Rector of the school, Börkur Gunnarsson, gave a commencement speech

Since 2004, The Icelandic Film School has graduated about 600 students from the school. According to studies commissioned by the school, over 90% of graduated students have worked in filmmaking after graduation, and around 40% of them have done so full time since graduation. The Icelandic Film School has, together with The Icelandic Film Center, become one of the two most important pillars of the film industry in Iceland.


Almost all of those who happily lift the Edda film Prize every year have gone through this school, either as students or teachers. We are proud and grateful to be such a big participant in the Icelandic film industry, which is flourishing like never before. The international awards are heaped on our best filmmakers and we must not forget the experimentation and creativity that is not rewarded but opens up new dimensions and takes the expression into uncharted lands in the vastness. Then the money also piles up in the pockets of those who know how, the series True Detective alone brings 9 billion into the Icelandic economy.


I have enjoyed being with you for the past few years, first as a teacher, then as a department head and finally as a rector. I will watch you after graduation, you will walk out of this theater with the box out, proud and let the people feel your presence. You have what it takes.

Kick some ass!