The number of foreign students at The Icelandic Film School is increasing

The fall semester of the international department of The Icelandic Film School, which is called IFS, was commenced last Thursday

There are over a hundred students in the Icelandic part of the school, while there are 19 students in the international department. The Icelandic studies department commenced last August 17th, but this Thursday, September 14th, the fall semester for IFS began.

The Icelandic Film School opened an international department (IFS - Icelandic Film School) in the autumn of 2022 with great success. There was great interest in the department and a huge number of inquiries about it were received from all over the world. It resulted in 44 applications for school accommodation and after an entrance exam, 6 were admitted to the department. The same was true for the spring semester, and 38 applications were received and 7 students passed the entrance exams, who started their studies last February 9th. For this fall semester, 9 students were admitted.

IFS students come from everywhere; from Nepal, China, France, USA, Hong Kong, Sweden, Spain, India, Mexico, Italy, Tunisia, South Korea, Nigeria and more. As a result, The Film School has had to add more classrooms and is now taught on all floors of Sudurlandsbraut 18 except on the 5th floor of the building.

The film school has 22 classrooms if the two studios and the cinema hall are included, as well as three cafeterias, seventeen offices for professors and instructors, a podcast studio, equipment storage, a meeting room and a supervisor's room.

Students who graduate from KVÍ are a huge part of the Icelandic film industry. In a normal year, KVÍ graduates fill up to 30% of job titles in the credit lists of Icelandic movies. The results of the surveys have shown that 96% of students excel in the profession after completing their studies, and around 40% of those who graduate immediately get jobs and work full time in film production after completing their studies.