Konni Gotta, a graduate of Acting, allowed us to pry a bit

Konni Gotta graduated from Acting at The Icelandic Film School and recently signed a contract with Áttan.
We had a chance to speak við Konni and pry a little about him, the studies and the future

I went to the theater when I was 7 years old and saw Stefán Karl play the dentist along with other roles. I was blown away and decided then and there that I would become an actor when I grew up. That thought never changed and I was always the clown in my group of friends. Then in 2010 I applied to study acting in The Film School and all of a sudden, studying was fun!

Film making is an amazing adventure and Konni has certainly found himself a part of it

What fascinates me the most about film making is how varied the job is. I love acting and writing material and I am the kind of person that can not be stuck in a certain routine and that is why film making is for me.
Stefán Karl, Jim Carrey and Robert Downey Jr are men I look up to, they all have an insane control of their bodies and that fascinates me completely

The school studies are not easy, but it is up to each pupil to confront it as they best can

I matured immensly at The Film School and the most important lesson I learned was to take risks, it is alright to fail if you learn from it. I also learned to take critisism. I had the urge to headbut my teacher Darren when he first told me I was completly messing up, but the slowly I learnt to accept it and then I was able to work on what I needed to improve

The first steps after graduating might have been small, but he took a leap recently

When I graduated from The Film School I had plans to work for one year and save up so I could go abroad and keep learning, but saying it is easier than doing it. When one has been studying his whole life and then finally gets a fair amount of money, one tends to spend it rather than save it and that is what happened to me. I worked as a truck driver both for MS and Papco, and then I often drove for different projects in between, like in advertising and such as they always need people with truck driving capabilities for them. I have done a bit of standup and been a presenter at yearly celebrations for companies and such. I acted in a few commercials and then I have been active on Snapchat both on attan_official and konnigotta .
Since I graduated unfortunately acting has only been a side line job for me, until now. I signed a contract at the end of summer with Áttan and now my job is a hell of a lot of fun. There I am able to put my ideas into actions, act, film videos, travel and so much more.
I have yet to play a major part in a movie, perform on stage and be part of making Áramótaskaupið, but give me 7 years and I will have completed it all and started focusing on my next goals

Here is one of the newest show from Áttan, but in it you can also see Hafsteinn Vilhelmsson and Mokina Orlowska, both graduated from The Film School and it was shot by Dagur De´medici Ólafsson :

Because I can

There is no question that Konni is on the fast track in his carreer and we wish him the best of luck