In just 2 months, 84 films have been produced at The Film School

The Icelandic Film School (IFS) is the largest production company in the country with over a hundred students who take on the film making art every single day

Every year, IFS produces over a thousand minutes of quality content from the country's most promising filmmakers under the guidance of the industry's best filmmakers.

In a normal year, IFS graduates fill up to 30% of job titles in the credit lists of Icelandic movies. The results of the surveys have shown that 96% of students work in the profession after completing their studies, and around 40% of those who graduate immediately get jobs and work full time in film production after completing their studies.

At the end of October, just two months after the students and teachers started working in the school's fall semester 2022, they had produced and premiered 84 films. Of these, six films had been produced in the school's International Department (IFS), where young people study from various countries such as China, Mexico, Sweden, Hong Kong, Nepal and India.

Twenty-seven films have been produced in the course Imagery and its treatment (MYN), forty films in Equipment and technology 107 (TÆK), eleven films in Equipment and technology 2 (TÆK), four in the course Music videos (TON), one in the course Advertisements (AUG), one in the course History of Art (LIS) and one in the course Experiment 102 (TIL).