Hafsteinn Eyvar Jónsson - Creative Technology

Hafsteinn Eyvar will be graduating from Creative Technology with his film "The Depth of Wisdom"

The Depth of Wisdom

The film is a comedy/horror film about an art collector who is haunted by a cursed painting. The curse, or more precisely the ghost in the painting, does not scare the man at all, but it is what he believes will make his collection of paintings the best in the world. But he finds himself in danger of losing everything and everyone around him when the painting turns against its owner by destroying everything in the environment and scaring his loved ones.

What is the first movie experience you remember?

When my parents showed me and my sisters "Cactus Jack" and threatened to never show us a movie again if we didn't think it was funny enough. So I remember laughing very clearly when something funny happened.

What fascinates you about filmmaking?

I like to make people laugh and it feels good when I feel like I'm a funny guy. However, when comedy is live or on stage, there are many things that can go wrong that scare me a lot, I have to have time to edit myself and that's why my interest in comedy has remained mostly in acted content on the screen where there is no chance of accidentally releasing a faulty unfunny mess into the world.

Why did you choose your department?

I'm actually interested in most areas: screenwriting, directing, cinematography and acting, but not actually production, it doesn't have an allure. But I chose Creative Technology because I was afraid that if I didn't get far I would at least have some job security.

Did anything particularly surprise you in the study?

I ended up being very glad I chose Creative Technology because I expected to put a lot of effort into becoming an editor because I've always felt really silly holding a camera, but then I found a lot of interest in the camera operator position after learning more about them. Now planning a shot is one of the most fun things I do.

And what does the future look like?

Quite a long and dark tunnel of poverty that I have to get out of, it's not cheap to rent an apartment and pay the school fees with limited financial aid at the same time. But the light at the end seems to be very bright.