Guðmundur Ísak Jónsson - Screenwriting and Directing

Guðmundur Ísak Jónsson will graduate from Screenwriting and Directing with his film "Edis Driew"

A man named Edis Driew finds himself stuck in limbo between life and death after committing suicide. He is guided to Videl or Death, who shows him the path he must take to reach heaven.

What is the first film experience you remember that had an impact on you?

It was when I was about six years old and wanted to sleep with mom and dad for the night. They were watching "War of the Worlds", which is about aliens attacking Earth. While I was trying to fall asleep, I looked at the TV and saw an alien arm pick up a person and suck them into a hole. I didn't sleep that night.


What fascinates you about filmmaking?

The freedom one can have to tell his stories.

Why did you choose Screenwriting and Directing?

For screenwriting, it's because I enjoy storytelling and want to bring my stories to the big screen. For directing, it's just that I think directors always have a special look that I would say I have.


Did anything particularly surprise you during your studies?

I was a little surprised at how simple filmmaking really is. I always thought you had to be some sort of Einstein, but apparently not.

And what does the future look like?

I know nothing about the future.