Growing within an institution that fosters the truthful development of one´s own voice – Patricio Elizondo on IFS

Patricio Elizondo began his studies with the first group of students at the international department at  The Icelandic Film School this august.

We asked him first how he came across the school?

A few months back I did some research on film programs around the world. I was searching for a place to workshop scripts, produce films and tell stories with people who shared my interest of inspiring others and shifting ideas for the greater good. I stumbled upon the CILECT website which is the association of the world’s major film and television schools, when you first enter their site there is a map of the world with red pins of the different schools placed all around… I found a few options I was very interested in and one of those red pins I chose was in Iceland (IFS).


Mr. Elizondo majored in Radio, Television, and Film at the University of Texas at Austin.

I finished my bachelor’s degree there back in 2015. I mainly focused on 3D storytelling, editing, cinematography, and horror screenwriting.


And he is happy with his first months in Iceland.

Things are going great. Classes have been enriching and inspiring. A while back I had lost my motivation to write and produce stories, which is why I came here in the first place, but it’s been exciting to work with every new teacher we’ve had and get the most out of anyone who is there to help us. I am also eager to collaborate with the other students from the different departments and get to know this beautiful place through their own eyes and personal experience.


But if any, what would he say are the perks of studying at IFS and in Iceland?

I got a feeling during my Skype interview… that sensation you rarely get when something that crosses your path is right and nothing else is. I was asked personal questions and was expected to give truthful answers with meaning. I felt they cared for my vision and my passion and I believe one of the perks of being here is growing within an institution that fosters the truthful development of my own voice… Working with professionals and other students who tend to what I stand for and my goals.


I also think Iceland is very special. It’s exciting to be here during this change, growth, and development it’s been having these past few years. I have been given the opportunity and access to this place, its people, and its culture in ways only very few are lucky to have experienced.


The goal for Mr. Elizondo is to produce documentaries and films that will help shape ideas about certain subjects; i.e. social class disparities, LGBT issues, what is happiness, how to measure morality, dreams, fears, and many others.


I am here to get formal training and practice screenwriting, directing, and filmmaking in general. I come from a country that lacks opportunities for the majority but I have been lucky enough to stand here now and learn from the world and what it’s got to offer… I want to work towards providing this opportunity for everyone else. I am here hoping to find inspiration, myself, and my own voice. I want to experience everything this country has to offer, learn the language, understand the culture, make great friends that will last a lifetime, and call Iceland home.


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