Graduation Spring 2022 - Stefán Arnar Alexandersson, Creative Technology

Stefán Arnar Alexandersson will be graduating on June 4th from Creative Technology  with his film “Prinsipesa”

The children of Iceland's richest man are invited to a dinner party on Easter Sunday. When he announces that he is dying the children soon begin to argue over the inheritance

What is your first memory related to films?

I remember clearly when I went to the movies to see "Fellowship of the Ring" for the first time. I did not know what the movie was and what to expect, but when the movie was over, my friends and I ran straight out and started replaying the battle in Moria on the rocks by Laugarásbíó

What fascinates you about film making?

How fun and creative this collaboration all is. From the birth of the idea until the movie is shown, you throw the ball around and get ideas from all directions

Why did you choose Creative Technology?

For a long time, I was considering screenwriting, but I found both filming and editing so fascinating that I decided to get into Creative Technology and I do not regret it at all

Anything that surprised you?

How exceedingly time consuming this all is. I almost had to live in school for the last 2 years haha

And what does the future look like?

A long awaited rest after graduation but after that everything is open. Hopefully get on set as soon as possible or shoot something for myself or others