Graduation Spring 2022 - Sindri Guðlaugsson, Screenwriting and Directing

Sindri will be graduating on June 4th from Screenwriting and Directing with his film "Oblation"

A father realizes that his son's struggle with drugs is not over, despite his persistent request, and their ways part there. Soon, however, their paths will overlap again, but in very unusual circumstances

What is the first movie experience you remember?

My first movie experience was when I watched my first Jackie Chan movie, then the interest ignited

What fascinates you about filmmaking?

What fascinates me about filmmaking is being able to visualize my thoughts for others to enjoy

Why did you choose Screenwriting and Directing?

The Screenwriting and Directing department was chosen because I have always been very interested in writing stories and I wanted to learn more about it

Did you have any particular surprises in your studies?

The most surprising thing about my studies was how difficult it is to make a film. Everything from the script to the production

And what does the future look like?

The future is bright and I look forward to dealing with what lies ahead