Graduation Spring 2022

On this day, 28 students from all departments graduated from us at a ceremony at Laugarásbíó. It is safe to say that the future of film making in Iceland will be further strengthened by these talented people

The Dean of the Film School, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson, gave a graduation speech and encouraged students to continue their creativity in all areas. After the presentation of the certificates on this occasion, prizes were also awarded for excellent graduation films from each department, for the best attendance and the Bjarkinn was then presented for the best film of the graduation group, but it also comes with a 200,000 ISK recognition from RÚV and high-quality headphones from Origo

The best film of the Acting department

"Prinsipesa" by Kolka Heimisdóttir and Stefán Arnar Alexandersson

The best film of the Screenwriting and Directing department

"Oblation" by Sindri Guðlaugsson

The best film of Creative Technology

"Agnes" by Ýr Þrastardóttir

The best film of Directing and Producing and the recipient of the Bjarki

"Daughter" by Erna Ísabella Bragadóttir

Creative Technology

Graduation films

"One step at a time" by Gunnar Freyr Ragmarsson, who was awarded for the best attendance

"Heartstrings" by Ása Karen Kristinsdóttir and Jónatan Leó Þráinsson

"Regression" by Ívar Styrmisson

"Clowning around" by Pétur Darri Pálmason

"Prinsipesa" by Stefán Arnar Alexandersson and Kolka Heimisdóttir

Screenwriting and Directing

Graduation films

"Can I give you a push?" by Bergþór Kristinn Jónsson

"Regression" by Daníel Guðjón Andrason

"Feelblock" by Halldór Frank Hafsteinsson

"People on fire" by Katla Gunnlaugsdóttir

"Arenia’s saga: Heroes and Cravens" by Páll Stefán Magnússon og Rebekka Rut Svansdóttir

"Lost/Found" by Valberg Halldórsson

"The Captain" by Bjarki Steinn Pétursson


Graduation films

"White carpet" by Agla Þóra Þórarinsdóttir

"The Raven" by Bragi Örn Ingólfsson

"Facility Nr.5" by Gunnar Bjarki Baldvinsson

"Stockfish" by Sigfús Snævar Jónsson

"Sea" by Sigurður Edgar Andersen

"Vera" by Valerie Ósk Elenudóttir

Directing and Producing

Graduation films

"Shattered" by Bergrún Huld Arnarsdóttir

"In the shadows" by Davíð Orri Arnarsson

"My little sanctuary" by Drómi Ómar Hauksson

"Hlemmjur Foodhall" by Óli Hjörtur Ólafsson

Of course, we heartily congratulate all the graduates and we look forward to enjoying their future projects