Friðrik Þór Friðriksson has been appointed Dean of The Icelandic Film School

Friðrik Þór Friðriksson has taken on the job of dean of the Icelandic Film School through this year. He will be taking over the reigns from Hilmar Oddsson, who left last spring after having successfully done the job for 7 years. Friðrik Þór is one of Iceland’s most recognized film makers and has had a long and fruitful career both as director and producer. He has made experimental films, documentaries and feature films. In each category he has films that must be considered classics of Icelandic film making. Friðrik Þór has received multiple awards and acknowledgements in his career, but his most known work must be “Children of nature”, a film nominated for the Academy Awards.
Friðrik Þór intends to emphasize the making of films even further within the school and will be supporting the students in their film making.
We are quite proud and fortunate to have Friðrik Þór to head up our facility.

Films by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson ;

Nomina Sunt Odiosa, 1975 (shortfilm)
Brennu Njáls saga, 1980 (shortfilm)
Eldsmiðurinn, 1981 (documentary)
Rokk í Reykjavík, 1982 (documentary)
Kúrekar norðursins, 1984 (documentary)
Hringurinn, 1985 (80 minute fast forward around route 1 in Iceland)
Skytturnar, 1987
Börn náttúrunnar (Children of nature), 1991
Bíódagar, 1994
Á köldum klaka, 1995
Djöflaeyjan, 1996
Englar alheimsins, 2000
Fálkar, 2001
Niceland, 2004
Sólskinsdrengurinn, 2009 (documentary)
Mamma Gógó, 2010

As well as producing over 75 varied films