"Eftirleikir", an exciting project in the works

It is always a pleasure to get to follow our former students take on varied challenges and one of them in production now is "Eftirleikir", written, produced and directed by Olafur Einar Olafarson graduated from Screen writing and Directing and prize winner of "Bjarkinn" for the best graduation film, and acted in and produced by Andri Freyr Sigurpalsson graduated from Acting.

"Eftirleikir" is a film in that has been in the making since 2016. The idea was to make a film by dividing the process into three parts and produce it as three long short films, instead on one full length film. Shooting began in 2017 with an 8 day shooting period, next 7 days in 2019 and finally finished with 10 shooting days last June.

The film centers around people stuck in a circle of revenge, a chain reaction that proceeds over more than 20 years.

Many former students of The Icelandic Film School are a part of the production, like Robert Keshishzadeh who wrote part of the script, Vivian Olafsdottir who takes on one of the biggest roles in the film and Arni Gylfason who did the sound recording, just to name a few, but many parties are involved in the project in one way or another during its long process.

There is not a premiere date yet, but here you can enjoy a teaser trailer and we will be following the project with excitement