Department head meeting for the fall semester

The school has 11 department heads, all experts in their field with a lot of experience, and they came together to set the tone for the coming semester

At the meeting, new university rules were introduced that have been implemented and will be followed by employees and professional managers.

Friðrik Þór was thanked for his good work, but he has been the dean of The Icelandic Film School for the past five years and has made great progress during this period. Among other things, the school moved to a new future building at Suðurlandsbraut 18 with excellent facilities

The success of graduation films in recent years has been good with a number of recognition's from around the world, and graduated students have left their mark on the development of the film and television industry in this country. Börkur Gunnarsson was then welcomed as the school's new dean

After the subject managers had reviewed the changed university rules and discussed how to implement them, the meeting ended with anticipation for the coming semester