Dadi Einarsson, a graduate from The Film School, is looking at some exciting times ahead

We have before checked in on Dadi Einarsson, a graduate from Screen writing and Directing, but it was certainly time to revisit. There are exciting times ahead at Myrkur Games and Dadi is a vital part of the making of “The Darken“, as you can read on Myrkur Games homepage ;

As Myrkur’s lead writer and performance director, it’s Daði’s job to shape The Darken’s story into tangible scenes. From writing scripts to directing actors and cameras, Daði pretty much represents the “cinematic” part of “cinematic experience.”

We got Dadi to update us a bit

There’s a lot of excitement at the office these days, filming is set to begin next week and the entire company is in full swing getting everything prepared. We’re sound-proofing the space, ordering new equipment from abroad and doing lots of test shoots. It’s a lot like the last days of pre-production on a film, everything has to be in place before we start!If we do our work properly, we should be able to film the scenes in the game as if they were a theater play, with the actors doing it all in one go and the cameras and lighting added in afterwards. No concessions made.Right now, I’m in the middle of writing the script for the next filming block, as well as completing the casting for it. It’s incredible, these last few days I’m constantly noticing how invaluable my time at the Icelandic Film School was, both in casting actors I met at school and teaching me how to handle these sorts of stressful situations! It’s just like preparing for a graduation project, only this time it’s a video game and we’re using cutting-edge technology.It’s almost been a year since I started at Myrkur, and I say this every time but it always feels like we’re on the up-tick and moving forwards. New equipment, innovative technology and constant testing means we’re always looking at new exciting results.I’m very excited to start directing again, I hope it’s like riding a bicycle, because it’s been a year since I last directed something.