Bolli Mar Bjarnason, a graduate of Acting

Bolli Mar Bjarnason graduated from Acting at The Icelandic Film School and has been doing good things since. We got a hold of him and asked him about his time at The Film School and what the future might hold

I was just the other day looking at a picture of me from the first day of school. I was rocking denim on denim and a black cap. I knew little about what I was getting myself into, just thought I wanted to be an actor. I realize now when I think back how incredibly bad I am at remembering things from the past, I just get a certain feeling when I think of the years at school. But it is a warm and good feeling so that must say a lot and I always feel gratitude when I think of that time and the step I took. IFS is run by beautiful ideals and stubbornness, elements that move mountains and give a kid like me tools to work with in life. It still follows me and always will.
To describe what I do today it is best summarized by “This and that, mainly that”
I am working at Pipar\TBWA, an amazing advertising agency where I make commercials with ridiculously fantastic people from all over the place. The studies is of great use for me in this business, I make videos, write a lot of texts and of course take a position in front of the camera. All of these are certainly jobs that the school tutored me in but possibly the most important fact is that at IFS you learned to work within a group with nothing but an idea and then having to apply everyone’s individual talents to make quality productions. That is exactly what I do at work now. The idea simply has to be solid enough to carry all that is added.

Then every once in a while interesting acting jobs will come my way and I am looking to do even more. The teacher Agusta Margret once offered me to help me make a showreel and of course it is ridiculous that I have not done it yet. Does the offer still stand Agusta? And then I have some interesting material I have been working on with boys at the Film School. It will be shown in due time.
As those close to me know I am a football fanatic and my team Throttur Reykjavik has a giant place in my heart. Which is why I am on the administrative board for Throttur Football division. A good win in Laugardalur (the heart of Reykjavik) on a good Sunday makes life whole. And speaking of making life whole, I met my girlfriend at school, Berglind Halla Eliasdottir. She is now completing her final year in acting at the University as well as being with me, a full time job to begin with. But joking aside, she is truly amazing and a hugely talented actress.

Plenty on the drawing board with Bolli and the future will be exciting

As Eggert Thorleifsson said in the legendary film “Dalalíf” (Dalelife): „Líf og fjör” (Exciting times)