25 films for 25 years

To celebrate the 25th year of operations of The Icelandic Film School, we will be showing 25 chosen works of our graduates from the past few years. This time we will be showing the short film “City lights” from the spring semester of 2015

The short film “City lights” was the graduation project of Olafur Einar Olafarson, a graduate of the Screen writing and Directing department in the spring semester of 2015

Speaking with director Olafur Einar, he said;

Besides getting an in depth knowledge into everything to do with film making, studying at The Icelandic Film School gives you an opportunity to create a network of connections with people that will be working in all aspects of the industry in Iceland. I do not have experience from film schools abroad, but in this aspect The Icelandic Film School is a much better prospect if you intend to be part of the film making industry in Iceland and work here. I am now self employed with a producing company called Arheim ehf. We str-arted shooting a big project last september

Enjoy !