Steinar Thor Kristinsson

Steinar Thor Kristinsson is graduating from Screenwriting and Directing with his film “To south”.

“A man returns to his childhood home to try to reconnect with his father”

Steinar Thor told us about his journey 

“The interest in film making came when I was making short films with old school friends in high school, I have also always enjoyed watching all sorts of films since I can remember. The main reason I chose to study film making was to meet new people and utilize the variety of the school. 


There are three things that are important in film making and they are script, script and script. The Screenwriting and Directing department is perfect for gaining the right tools and get opinions from other writers that pass on notes that follow you onward.” 

“What surprised me the most was that you do not only learn film making, but also communication. I have many enjoyable memories connected to spending sleepless nights with powerful people.”


And finally, what does the future hold?

“To create until I die”