Reflecting on Impact and Revelation; CILECT 2021 Congress

The Icelandic Film School has an ambition and commitment to be an active part of the International film school network and strives to engage in relevant industry conversation. It is both valuable and important for IFS to have been a part of the CILECT community for years.

 The CILECT CONGRESS is a biannual activity which normally deals with organizational matters of the association, and therefore is an internal event, intended mainly for the top administrators of the member schools who need to synchronize their efforts in maintaining the highest standards of film, television, and new media education. Members and administrators from IFS joined the CILECT 2021 congress, and it was very inspirational to say the least.


About the 2021 CILECT Congress 

A large virtual e-congress was held successfully from Oslo, hosted by Westerdals Institute for Film and Media, Kristiania University College, Oslo, Norway. (12-14 October 2021). The conference went under the title AUDIOVISUAL EDUCATION: IMPACT AND RELEVANCE. 


In an extremely competitive environment it is important for students to stand out and be unique. The ultimate goal was to exchange ideas and views, share knowledge and learn from each other. 

The corona pandemic showed us the importance of storytelling, both in the news and as entertainment and drama. Streaming has never been more important. The competition to make an impact is stronger than ever. But impact has both positive and negative connotations. Images could produce new ideas, but could also reinforce cultural stereotypes. Stories could reveal areas of human coexistence, but could also reproduce dominant ideologies. Relevance in this context relates audio-visual education to societal change. In putting the focus on impact and relevance in this conference, the aim is to emphasize the multiple spheres of influence that images and stories have. 

IFS reflections and thoughts

How do we, as movie makers, add impact and relevance to our storytelling? How can we lead the political narrative, support local or global advocacy, engage all layers of society and ultimately drive the world to change for the better? How can we distribute beyond the film industry? Through awareness and keeping the conversation alive and going; these topics will flourish in film and the film industry. Through sharing knowledge, collaborating and exploring; we believe that our students are those who will make impact and relevance, not only theoretical but first and foremost in practice through their conscious storytelling.