Palmi Heidmann Birgisson

Palmi Heidmann Birgisson is graduating from Creative Technology with his film “Djupskyggni”

“The film is about a man grieving for his son a year after his passing. A young man starts renting the bottom floor of his house. Both individuals are battling great difficulties in life without the knowledge of the other. After a pleasant first introduction their connection starts to sour and they see each other in the right light.”

We got to know a little about Palmis journey towards graduation


“The interest in filmmaking has really been there much longer than I realized. I started making sketches in high school and then college. But I really wanted to learn the technical aspect of it and the Icelandic Film School offered that possibility. 


I am very interested in equipment. I wanted to learn every aspect of the department. Editing, sound, camera and so forth. 


The studies are demanding and enjoyable in most areas. But just making a short film is much more work than I anticipated.” 

And what does the future hold?


“I am on set of an Icelandic film through June. After that I will be part of a few smaller and exciting projects. The aim is to continue creating my own work, but also to be a part of challenging and amusing projects.”