Organized procedures towards University certificate

Work is being done by a stringent plan at The Icelandic Film School as we move towards a University certification. Yesterday we held a meeting regarding the titled positions within the academic personnel, and in attendance were the employees that have put themselves forward for the first four titled positions; that is of lecturers, docents and professors at the school.

They are Hilmar Oddsson in Directing, Runar Gudbrandsson in Acting, Thorey Sigthorsdottir in Vocals and Kjartan Kjartansson in Sound. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Sigurjon Baldur Hafstein appointed chair of the schools Research council, Anna Thorhallsdottir chair of the schools Quality council, and Hlin Johannesdottir managing director. The meeting was headed by Bodvar Bjarki Petursson, chair of the University Transfer Project Board.

In total the projected titled positions within the school will be sixteen; six professors, five docents and five lecturers, and should they be fully staffed by 2023. Titled employment is conditioned by research work. There is great excitement within the group but the positions will be formally delegated from August 1st and then the next appointments will be from 2022.

Dr. Sigurjon Baldur introduced himself to the group and gifted the attendees with the book "The history of museums in Iceland", which he edited. The main function of the Research council is organizational, advisory, proposal making and assessment regarding academic research at The Icelandic Film School. It is therefor important that an exemplary connection is established between the council and titled employees.

It was put forth that 7% of the schools received income will be allotted to research work and will be divided into salaries, research housing and a research fund. It is worth mentioning the the schools researchers will be allocated part of the 3rd floor of the building, an area of 300 sqm that will be operational by the fall of 2022.

The forthcoming appraisal of the school by a team of experts in June was discussed in detail. Both Kjartan Kjartansson and Runar Gudbrandsson pointed out that it would be difficult to appraise the school while it is not operational, but graduation is set for the 7th of June. This is a justified point and The Film School has requested that the appraisal will begin on May 15th and that it is important that it be finished by August 1st.

On the horizon of the plan is a meeting of the Research council on April 20th and a meeting of the Quality council on April 21st. On April 29th we will hold an Academic meeting, where all department directors and key instructors will attend, approximately 20 persons. It will mainly revolve around the employment process and progress of the school within the new system. On April 29th we expect to have an introductory meeting for the professional associations. On May 5th we intend to hold an open school meeting, according to the schools regulations with both students and employees. On May 10th we have scheduled a meeting of the Professional council, a precursor to the University council. On May 13th the schools new quality manual will be published. And then from May 15th the school will be prepared to receive the appraisal experts to inspect the school.

Alongside all this there impressive art being created at the school and there is obvious ambition when it comes to the upcoming graduation films.

It is safe to say there is excitement in the air at The Icelandic Film School.