Keys found outside a store

The final project of Rosa Vilhjalmsdottir and Gunnar Orn Blondal at The Film School is called "It´s her", and tells the story of Tryggvi, a simple boy who lives with his mother and is kind to all.

One day he goes to the store and sees a gorgeous girl named Sara. She drops her keys outside the shop and the story follows Tryggvi and his well intended, although not all successful, tries to get the keys back to their owner.

Rosa and Gunnar say that the idea for the project simply came to them, but it took time to develop it properly. As a result of the pandemic the project had some bumps in the road, but that they were lucky to be some of the first to be able to start shooting, so as a whole, they got off rather easily.

Rosa says that after graduation she will be taking on documentary making. The studies have gone well, but Covid-19 did of course affect them and she would have wanted to focus even more on her greatest interest.