Iceland’s entry to this years Eurovision has been revealed

Iceland’s entry to Eurovision this year has premiered and among the stellar folks that had a part in making the video for Dadi Freyr and Gagnamagnid, are quite a few students of The Icelandic Film School

Director, Producer and Editor - Gudny Ros Thorhallsdottir, a graduate from Directing and Producing

Cinematographer, Producer, Colorist and Editor - Birta Ran Bjorgvinsdottir, a graduate from Creative Technology

1st Assistant Camera - Heida Gunnarsdottir, a graduate from Creative Technology 

Production Assistant - Bryndís Mjöll Schram Reed, a current student of Screenwriting and Directing

Best boy - Jón Atli Magnússon, a graduate from Creative Technology 

VFX - Rob Tasker (Útskrifaður frá Leikstjórn og framleiðslu og Fagstjóri Myndbreytinga) 

Drone pilot - Vilius Petrikas (Teacher in Special effects)

We of course congratulate them on the entry and will be waiting with bated breaths.

Go Iceland !

10 Years