A director in search of artistic truth

Arnfinnur Danielsson, who is now putting his final touches on his graduation film from The Film School, says that the piece is about a director in search of artistic truth, as he words it.

He says that the project has gone surprisingly well, considering it is being done in the midst of a global pandemic. He did though have to cancel his original idea for a final project because of COVID-19, but then he surrounded himself with a "miracle team" that spared no effort in making this film a reality.

After graduation Arnfinnur will be pursuing his acting career. He also has a few ideas for a script in progress and will be ready to answer the phone !

He says his studies were a formidable success and leaves with great contentment. "It is a house of creation that gives you support and encourages you to expand the art with other motivated people" he says cheerily and with that dashes away to enjoy the craft.

Arnfinnur is graduating from Acting with his film "Oddur Orn, madurinn sem sigradi hvalinn"