Halldora Hardardottir

Halldora Hardardottir is graduating from Acting with her film “Home”

“Lara is a single mother. She meets Gudjon and it is love at first sight. Soon though it becomes clear that there are cracks in the marriage.”

 Codependency and blind love are the main subjects of the film.

 We got to pry a bit about Halldora and to begin with, where the interest in film making comes from?

“I have had the dream of becoming an actress since I was young. Sometimes life makes its own way and I took many different routes. I finished my teaching degree, taught design and woodworking. Worked in the tourism industry and in accounting and at that time I began to think “Really Halldora, is this the life you wanted?”

I don't want to end up on my deathbed with the thoughts “I should have..” 

That is why I love challenges and to defy myself. I had been in an amateur theatre group that I always loved, but I needed more. That is when The Icelandic Film School came in. If you have a burning passion for something in life as I did for acting, it will break out eventually and I am just a late bloomer and now is my right time. 

I chose the Acting department as I am passionate about it, but after the studies I am also excited by screenwriting and technology.”

“What surprised me the most about the studies was how much work there is around one film, for instance how many people are involved. I also loved seeing all my talented fellow students and how active the teachers are within the industry, The study was so alive and enjoyable. The whole process is one big happy memory. The musical we did and the play “Nanna systir”, fabulous times. 

Also all the projects that went across departments. I always felt unbelievably lucky with groups. And as most of the study coincided with COVID, there were often funny episodes on zoom during the classes of Runar Gudbrands. And then the work around my graduation film was amazing.”  

And what awaits next?

“The future is incredibly exciting. Next steps are to graduate, get my film to good places, let myself be known. Create, act, live and enjoy.”