Broken promises, dreams and regrets take its toll

„Orvar is a manager at a fish processing plant, living in comfort with his wife who is pregnant. Orvar has a younger brother that is overly protected by their mother, especially after their father perishes at sea."

„Their lives change dramatically when Orvar decides to send his younger brother out to sea. Broken promises, dreams and regrets take its toll on Orvar after he sends his brother out,“ says Sigurgeir Jonsson when asked to describe his graduation project for The Film School.

He says that the team behind the film encountered multiple obstacles in the production as a result of the Corona virus, but it was none the less amazing what they did achieve. „ I am very fortunate with my group, such absolute geniuses it is remarkable “ he says.

And what awaits after graduation?

„To show one self and see others. You have to go out and grab your own opportunities, they do not just appear. Be devoted in cultivating relationships you have made through the last two years in the studies, both through your fellow students and your teachers.“

Sigurgeir finally adds that he did well at the school. He is extremely happy with the studies and how willing the teachers were to help in any way. Even though COVID-19 had of course made an impact, everyone always landed on their feet.

Sigurgeir Jonsson is graduating from Acting with his film "Dimmvidri".