Bjorn Runarsson

Bjorn Runarsson is graduating from Screenwriting and Directing with his film, “Aftersight”

“A blind woman gets her sight back for the first time, but becomes obsessed by her own outer beauty, so much so that she loses sight of her family.”

Why did you choose The Icealndic Film school?


“I was studying screenwriting at a film school in London and escaped back to Iceland when the Covid-19 epidemic hit. I finished the first of two years at that school remotely and decided not to go back and instead jumped directly into the second year at The Icelandic Film School. I knew very little about the school, but was pleasantly surprised. Both excellent teachers and work environment, and a lot of very talented people to get to know. I had focused completely on screenwriting - and still do up to a certain point - but at IFS the Screenwriting department also learns Directing and I gained immense knowledge by being able to direct my own scripts and bring them to life, both as a screenwriter and as a director. It was a demanding and rewarding experience.” 

And what does the future hold?

“I am on set of a french film throughout June, but when I finally have time to think, I believe my next steps are just to write, write and write some more. Create opportunities and get involved with more fun projects.”