There was excitement in the air and the anticipation clear among the students of The Icelandic Film School when they turned up at the school this past Thursday morning the 19th of August to begin the fall semester of 2021.

38 new students commenced their studies at the school, but a total of 115 students make up the student body this winter.

The school has four departments; Directing and Producing, Acting, Screenwriting and Directing, and Creative Technology, and students graduate after 4 semesters.

The Acting department had the most newcomers, 12 in total, 10 began their studies in Screenwriting and Directing, 9 in Directing and Producing, and 7 in Creative Technology.

In total the Acting department has 35 students, 30 in Screenwriting and Directing, 26 are studying Directing and Producing, and finally 24 in Creative Technology.

There is a lot to look forward to for the students of the school this winter, as we strive to have the study project-driven as the projects are individual and are often based on the student's independent creation or discovery. The studies are set up to first get the students of the school to approach the teaching material in a creative way, then the craft is taught and finally the theory.

Due to restrictions the commencement was not held as is custom, but classes began on Thursday morning.